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Note from GranPa Chuck, Weekend WebMaster: Many of these links are currently not working. Please note, this information was from the Original NFPCAR website- composed in 2000. Many issues are still pertinent today. The main theme of this webpage is mental issues and the Foster Parent.


I am working on a presentation of Mental issues and How They can become an issue of an Allegation. Please check out our Many eReferences for additional information. Thanks


The AdoptOHIO website recognizes Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) which is evident in various listings for children who are available for adoption. Some listings make reference to RAD, attachment disorder and attachment issues. The State of Ohio should also recognize that a symptom of attachment disorder is making false allegations.
A Site for Your Consideration:

Other Radical Attachment Disorder Sites

As foster parents, we give our children hope. We have formed a bond or attachment with our children and helped them achieve things they never thought were possible. Once an allegation is made, they are ripped from our homes to endure yet another loss in their lives. It is the thinking of many child care workers children will bounce right back from trauma. This is not true. Documented research done by Dr. Bruce Perry, who is an expert in child trauma, disputes this theory.

ChildTrauma Academy

Attachment disorder is not the only disorder that has the likelihood of a false allegation being made.
-Listing Trainings
What Can be Done for Pathological Liars?
False Allegations
Site Map of Biological Unhappiness -Great Reference Site-I have included on this page the site index below

*Borderline Personality Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder

When an individual becomes a social worker, they do not need to have a degree in social work. Their degree may be in any subject, while in Ohio they have 5 years to earn the degree in social work. The worker who may see problems in your home, who may not agree with your style of parenting and who may be investigating your case, might be the same worker who has not earned a degree in social work, who is under-trained and has no life experiences as a parent.

These children have been "damaged" before entering our homes. Picture a young girl standing at the doorway to a home, the foster parent's home. She is standing there with 2 huge suitcases, one in each hand. These bags contain everything she owns, the trauma from the abuse and neglect she has suffered in her life. It wasn't the foster/adoptive parents who packed these bags, yet it is them who will be held accountable when these bags are opened.


Site Map of Biological Unhappiness

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