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Our Group’s “eBook” turned into an eLibrary.    The eLibrary is a compilation of many eGuidebooks for ease of navigating to the information that is needed.

eGuidebooks are a wonderful tool because more than the written word can be presented.  Included are video clips and website links.  These help provide information that all of us have asked for at one time or another during our cases with CPS.  Each State is different.  You will find help specific to your case.

You are not alone.  There are tens of thousands of unjustly & unlawfully victimized families by CPS, every year. It is our children who senselessly suffer the most. You will learn the truth why it happens.  You will be able to gain ideas in how handle what you are going through right now. Hopefully, ideas will work in how to protect yourself and your family.

Should the links not work for your computer system, there is the ultimate resource available. This free resource is the Yahoo Group “fosterparentallegations.”  It is Foster Parent Allegations group that has put together this eBook for you.  It is a group comprised of ~all~ parents, not just foster parents.  We are birth parents, adoptive parents, legal guardians and relatives who welcome you to join.

Our focus is non-judgmental support and actually helping with your case.  This is accomplished in a safe, secure and anonymous environment. Those in the group, whose cases are settled, usually do not remain anonymous afterward.  There are those who have been providing help for 10 years or more.  Group Moderator Marilyn Harrison is active and available for free phone counseling.

Many times one-on-one communication via phone is sought and provided. In our world of pain that CPS has inflicted by threat of, or actually removing our precious children, we are beaten down.  The group steps in to accomplish tasks for you, which seem overwhelming.  Direction is provided and the reasons why are given.  We all pull together and do the best we can to help in all areas.  This includes emotional devastation & pain, immediacy in action with what CPS is doing, helping to find an attorney, protecting you with what to do and what not to do.  The very beginning of the Nightmare is most crucial. 

Our eBook has been put together in a dedicated manner for your use by concerned parents.   We wish to provide a Warning for those who have not gone through what we call the Nightmare.  Additionally, there is valuable and practical information when dealing with the removal of children by CPS.  This includes: 1. What you can expect 2. What they are really doing, right now to you, and why  3. What your Rights are in the matter.

Throughout this eLibrary, parents are commenting and relaying their experiences and providing practical insight for help.  CPS does not hesitate to falsely accuse parents of child abuse to make money. Their favorite child abuse allegation is sexual abuse.  This way, they can make criminals of both parents at the same time.  In Foster Parent  Allegations group (again, we are all types of Parents), there is no judgment as we have been through these false allegations of child abuse which resulted in damage to our families & children. We understand the horror and the pain.

You may be surprised to learn that, in actuality, CPS is not just inflicting the Nightmare in the United States, but worldwide.  Foster Parent Allegations group has members in Canada.  There will be more countries as time goes by.

The Nightmare starts with contact with Child Protective Services (CPS, DSS, DCFS, etc…) wherein their goal is to unjustly remove children from the family and falsely brand parents as child abusers.  The following are some comments from group members:


“And, I found this group because I'm a foster parent. Had I been a bio parent threatened with removal of my child, I'd have never found the group.

By the way, I've been feeling like fleeing lately. Have no idea what is going on with my case. Have no idea what the privatized agency I work for recommended to the State regarding my license. Have no idea what the State has decided (if anything).

Have no idea if they will continue to pursue my 11-year-old daughter. I doubt it, because the attorney was present for the questioning, but I don't know for sure.

In other words, how would I know if it's a good time to flee?”  Thanks, Group,  Diana


“yes, yes, yes -- it is so important to have people to talk to & some answers to take action where there is any.

I'm here to say that Marilyn saved me.  She took the time to support, listen & understand... .

I felt alone.  I felt like a criminal.  The pain is beyond belief.  I wanted our kids back.  I couldn't believe something like these people actually existed, operated & had power in our lives to damage our innocent, precious children”   Love, egypt


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