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Standing In Peril
Where Do We, As Parents, Fit In?

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Where do  we fit in with Goliath’s System as a biological parent,
adoptive parent, legal guardian, foster parent, caregiver or relative?

Did you know?  Parents and Foster Parents are purposely pitted against each other by caseworkers and other CPS personnel.  CPS does not want parents and foster parents to know the truth about each other, trust each other nor communicate openly together.   Why?  It is to prevent any of us from finding out the truth!  The truth that CPS does not want to be known with regard to what they are really up to.

Now, Just What ~Are~ They Up To?

Dirty Trick No. One (See Other Dirty Tricks)
The DSS will pretend to help you, when they are really gathering evidence to take your children

. It's a new police state out there

They Want Your Kids

(from Attorney Gregory Hession’s

One way or another, they want the kids.  So much the better, if they can do the same thing to Foster Parents that was already accomplished in destroying the biological family.  Moving children around from placement-to-placement  is something that CPS is an expert at.  But, there is something in-between these multiple placements that gets overlooked, or may not be known.  Placements from foster family-to-foster family recur from “removing the children from imminent danger” through false accusations of child abuse.  This is the same thing that happened to the biological family.

If the parents and foster parents got together in a positive way, without suspecting each other, the truth would come out with the fabrications, lies and persecution techniques that CPS uses.  Foster Parents who have gone through the allegation Nightmare should realize (after experiencing how CPS operates) and keep in mind that 99% of biological parents probably should not have had their children removed.  How much was trumped up and fabricated against ~them?~


Group Member Wrote:

Amen to that .. I truly believe there are many out there like all of you , who do , do it for the children there is no doubt in my mind .. and i know there will never be a perfect system .. But there has to be major changes for the children's sake .. All families need help at times , need a support team .. If Dss wanted to truly help families then bio's and fosters would not be pitted againt each other and these children would be getting the help they need .. I am a firm beleiver in children needing thier families and a parent available for thier children even intact familes are finding it hard to survive in this world today .. So should the state just take all kids into custody ? I am fed up .. As far as i am concern CPS is never getting it right .

The Truth.
Child Protective Services is not about “Protecting Children.”
Its Sole Purpose:  Catching Child Abusers

How Goliath Views You as a Licensed Foster Parent

Working For An Agency

Working with and for an Agency will not protect you from CPS persecution when it comes to false accusations of child abuse or allegations.   Your agency will assist CPS in prosecuting you as a child abuser.  No one will be on the side of someone who is even possibly a child abuser.  No one wants to be responsible for taking the chance or being accused of being in favor of child abuse.   As a result, you are treated as a child abuser no matter what.  There are some good agencies that have stood by their foster parents against CPS.

Working Directly for the County

It seems that foster parents are a convenient pool to draw from for CPS allegations of child abuse.   This readily-available pool serves CPS purposes in their main agenda of catching child abusers. Paperwork on the children and  the foster parents already exists and child intake procedures and paperwork have already taken place. It is easier than pounding the pavement in the field and creating new cases.  In reality, the CPS mindset seems to be that anyone who would want to take care of other people’s damaged children, must be a child abuser.  Indeed, it has been revealed that CPS caseworkers operate on, and believe in the premise that “all parents are child abusers who just have not be caught yet.”   Outrageously, ex-caseworkers have come forward in whistleblowing and revealed that caseworkers actually make child abuse hotline calls for each other.

The children do not matter as Child Protection Services is a misnomer.  Instead, it is the Child Abuse Catchers Gestapo .  Children and the damage inflicted on them in the process do not matter.  Children are just so much collateral damage along the path of the true objective of catching child abusers.  We all want child abusers caught, right?  Unfortunately, the corrupt system which operates on obtaining huge funds does not care if one is guilty or not.  The more bonus money made, the better.

Higher values in spirituality and caring are not recognized by CPS when it comes to providing foster care for children in need.  Children have been removed for foster parents “loving them too much.”


Of particular concern and notice is that just before finalization of adoption of children by foster parents, allegations of child abuse take place and the children are removed.  Fostering-to-adopt is highly encouraged and much pressure is put on foster parents to do this.

How Goliath Views You as a Parent
From Child Welfare Information Gateway:


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A case plan is a written document that may be prepared when a child becomes involved with a State child welfare agency. Since the passage of the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act (P.L. 96-272) in 1980, Federal law has required the development of a case plan for any child receiving foster care maintenance payments under Title IV-E (42 U.S.C. 671(16)). State laws or policies in all States, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are generally consistent with this requirement, although many States have additional requirements. Approximately 31 States, the ...


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