Dead Ends in Fighting CPS
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ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union

This is worth a try as there was one report of a family being helped by ACLU and winning.  When most contact this organization, however, it is found that they are overwhelmed with so many families in need that they simply say “we don’t handle cases like that.”


FOIA – Freedom of Information Act or commonly called the Privacy Act.

CPS keeps files on the children, not ourselves.  As such, it is breaching privacy to provide the files to us.  However, it was told by an attorney that if we had specific “packets”  or a form number (packets contain numbered forms) that information could be requested specifically, this way and CPS would have to comply – right along with blacking out of private information.  However, even court orders on providing files are ignored by CPS.  Packets and form numbers should be listed in procedural or user  manuals…probably under SACWIS (State Automated Child Welfare Information System).


HIPAA -- Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act.  Listed here only for reference.  See eGuidebook “Fighting Your Case” for more information.  If you feel medical privacy was violated, a complaint can be filed by going to:  :

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Group,Has anyone here contacted Victoria Rowell concerning FPA?
 Would be interesting to see what her position is.
 Here is the link to her website: 
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Answer:  have contacted her repeatedly over the last three years and never had a response.


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