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This page is dedicated to those who want to seek Reform for our Families. If you currently have an Allegation against you, please go to When An Allegation Is Made for further suggestions on what you can do.
  • See some of our suggestions
    We have a set of suggestions developed from our Yahoo False Allegation Group. If anyone has additional suggestions, please email me, GranPa Chuck. Go to Reform Pages Now.

  • Become a Director or Advocate for your State

Currently Policies, Procedures, and Statutes are created for individual states. Even though there are similarities between states, a representative is needed to be the eyes and ears for their state. What are the qualifications for a Director or Advocate? Here is the last paragraph taken from a letter created for Information About State Director Position: "There is no training needed to be a state director, you've had all the training you need by living through the nightmare of allegations.  Speak from your heart and about what you have experienced."

 So take a few moments and visit our page on the possibility of you becoming a Director or Advocate.

  • Start a letter writing campaign.

    Unless this problem is brought to the attention of the news media and the public, it will continue to destroy families and unsuspecting families will be putting themselves at risk. Foster and adoptive parents need to be able to make an educated decision about which children they accept into their homes. The following link will help you find the email addresses of media sources in your area.

    Write to your legislators. Our representatives are more willing to listen to their constituents when writing about a problem or concern. Use the following link to find the legislators for your state.

    Find your Legislative Representative for any state. The link provided will give you a visual location of exactly who is your representative in your area: Click Here



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