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In The News March 29, 2010. From the Associated Press: State investigators say the husband of former state Senator Nancy Schaefer shot his wife before ...
Feb 29, 2008 ... Note from the Fight CPS webmaster: This is a very important report written by a Senator in Georgia. Please read the entire report, download the ...
Nancy Schaefer who Exposed the Child Protection Services (CPS) found Shot Dead with Her Husband 2010 03 30. Picked up from: ...
Apr 14, 2009 ... A speech given by Nancy Schaefer on Child Protection Services The System Can Not be trusted It does not serve The People of USA.
the Adoption and Safe Families Act. It offers financial incentives to the states that increase adoption numbers. To receive the adoption incentives, or bonuses, ...
Mar 30, 2010 ... Authorities believe Nancy Schaefer was asleep when she was shot. The media claims that this was a Murder-Suicide pact. Senator Schaefer ...
Apr 2, 2010 ... The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reporting that former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaeferand her husband Bruce Schaefer were found ...
Mar 29, 2010 ... From the Associated Press : State investigators say the husband of former state SenatorNancy Schaefer shot his wife before turning the gun on ...
Mar 13, 2009 ... By Sandra Ami Nancy Schaefer is trying to bring to the attention the corruption of Social Services, Child Protective Services. She discusses how ...
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Garland Favorito March 30, 2010. On Friday, former Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found dead in their home in Habersham ...

Mar 26, 2010 ... Former GA Senator Nancy Schaefer found dead! HABERSHAM COUNTY, Ga. ( MyFOX ATLANTA) - The bodies of former state senator Nancy ...\

Words cannot express how distressed I am to hear that our dear Senator Nancy Schaefer has died in what is being called a murder-suicide, along
with her husband.

Nancy was the first state senator to speak out forcefully, truthfully about the corruption of Child Protective Services. For this reason some
have surmised that this murder-suicide could actually be a cover-up for something more sinister… a silencing!

Regardless of how she died, she will be remembered for many years to come as a brave, honest, ethical and truth-telling woman who stood up to
the child welfare industry and voiced the pain and trauma of those who had approached her for help with their Georgia CPS cases.

Write heartfelt letters to every county supervisor in your county. Shorter letters are better, as they’re more likely to be read. Ask them
to investigate and *cut funding for CPS* in your county. Send your letters to every supervisor along with a copy of Senator Schaefer’s
report, pages one through seven.(Download pdf file)

Now send letters to every state senator, congressman, and legislator in your state! Remind them that federal child welfare laws are a violation
of the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution and request State Sovereignty <>. Send them the
first seven pages of Senator Schaefer’s report!(Download pdf file)

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Alex Jones Interview with Nancy Schaefer
May 14, 2009

YouTube - Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: "CPS criminality" 1of4
YouTube - Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: "CPS criminality" 2of4
YouTube - Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: "CPS criminality" 3of4
YouTube - Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: "CPS criminality" 4of4
YouTube - Nancy Schaefer exposes the EVIL CPS
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Video by Former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer--August 14, 2008

* *

State Senator Lambastes Immoral Politics and Journalism
August 14, 2008
Download PDF File

The Northeast Georgian continues to put forth erroneous journalism in Habersham County, Georgia. Their mission, obviously, is to sow seeds of conflict in the local community. Never ever to exhibit truth or integrity, as they claim.


The August 12, 2008, edition of The Northeast Georgian carried another diatribe accusing me of using names, pictures, and statements that  commended my relationship with State Senate leadership as being untrue.


The author of the “Opinion” column proceeded to write in The Northeast Georgian that HB 1112 was altered intentionally in the State Senate to protect those who want to falsely use a person’s picture or name to endorse a candidate. That is an untrue statement. HB 1112 was a “housekeeping” bill that originated in the House. Code Section 12, as written, was unconstitutional because it was too broad and covered too many issues. It was problematic as it was written, so in place of rewriting the section, it was eliminated from the bill.


Certainly, it was not an “ill conceived decision” as The Northeast Georgian falsely accused. The writer of the “Opinion” article twisted the bill and its true meaning to use it against me because I used a statement made by Governor Sonny Perdue on my flier to appear as an endorsement (a statement the Governor confirmed he made). This was deceptive journalism, as I never used the word “endorse” at any time.


Next, the writer of the “Opinion” piece used the inflammatory argument again by accusing me for “seemingly” having endorsements from Lt. Governor Casey Cagle,


Pro-Tem Eric Johnson and Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine. The truth is that Casey Cagle, Eric Johnson and John Oxendine not only sent written endorsements to me, but also sent generous contributions to back up their endorsements, as well as did many other State Senators.


I still did not call the written political support “endorsements” in any publication. I used their picture and the words they had written.


My opponent, Jim Butterworth, Jr. charged that I presented false information by claiming an “endorsement” by Governor Sonny Perdue and The National Rifle Association.


The NRA endorsed me in 2006 and the endorsement has been on my website since that date. I did not ask the NRA to endorse me again in 2008. I have had a long-standing relationship with the NRA and it’s many members and I have been a member of the organization for years. I also have a friendship with Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA), and was endorsed by the GOA in 2006 and that endorsement has been on my website since 2006 also.


My campaign was attacked by immoral politics, RINO’s (Republican in name only) and “top-down” intervention that helped bring about these untrue and unfounded charges.


It appears my coming against an agency, as powerful and with as much funding as Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), as I did in the last session of the Georgia General Assembly, and seeking investigations into the corruption of CPS/DFCS, rendered me a target for political loss by the “powers that be”.


There are many good people who have had their political careers ended because they attempted to expose government agency corruption.


Even now, after the election is over, I am having to dispel the untruthfulness of my opponent (who has yet to file his overdue August 1st  Campaign Financial Disclosure) and his leftist counterpart, The Northeast Georgian.


I have fought on the frontlines for families, faith, and freedom for over 25 years. I have been a life-long Conservative Republican, who has always fought the Republican Party from becoming a “top-down” party for so called “moderates” or RINO’s in place of a grassroots party where The Pledge of Allegiance, The Ten Commandments, The Boy Scouts of America, parental rights in public schools, Border Security, Private Property Rights, American Sovereignty (defeating U.N. treaties), Right To Life for the unborn child, limits on supremacist judges and the traditional definition of marriage are to be upheld without compromise.


I have written many articles and given many speeches on the importance of the U.S. Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and the many issues mentioned in the paragraph above.


Before ever running for political office, I founded and operated Family Concerns, Inc., a non-profit organization in Georgia created for the purpose of strengthening the family through local, state, national, and international policy. I also founded the Family Concerns Pregnancy Center operating during the years 1988 –1998) where 5,000 women and girls needs were met.


I stand by my record of honesty and integrity and will not allow it to be distorted with falsehoods and innuendos. The people of the 50th District should not be confronted with such liberal tactics. They deserve better.


We have been blessed in America with a tremendous heritage. We have been given, by the grace of Creator God and by our Founding Fathers, a glorious Republic. To quote George Washington: “…Republicanism is not the phantom of a deluded imagination: on the contrary, that under no form of government, will laws be better supported, liberty and property better secured, or happiness be more effectually dispensed to mankind. Yet government must always rest on the people.” Grover Cleveland stated it correctly when he said: “A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of the people themselves.”


May God bless the State of Georgia and may God bless our beloved America.


Senator Nancy Schaefer

50 th District of Georgia

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Bad News for Senator Nancy Schaffer--Aug. 7, 2008

Bad news. The Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer, who began investigating and bringing to light the operations of CPS lost her position in yesterday's runoff election. She lost to James Butterworth.
Please send an email, Or Better Yet, write a letter, to Senator Nancy Schaefer, to show our support and thank-you note for everything that she did.

For writing assistance and tips, please check out our eReference, Get Your Story Out There For Free. Please don't stop here. If you have a story to tell, let everyone know
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Letter from Senator Nancy Schaffer--July 2, 2008

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to many of you who have contacted me with your painful and heart wrenching account of the removal of your children by Child Protective Services (CPS). Others of you are grandparents who have witnessed the loss of your grandchildren. Many of you have lost everything fighting CPS and many of you have written or called me to say you want to help expose the Corruption of CPS and still others of you have, or are working in CPS and have courageously called to share the truth.

Thank you, dear hearts, for you stand and for your willingness to be involved at all costs. Thank you, to the many of you, who are fighting the system for your children. Please do not give up.

I am in a campaign to maintain my Senate seat here in Georgia. It is very time consuming and I haven't been able to contact many of you recently. I want you to realize, however, that I will continue to fight for you and I am planning to battle even harder when this campaign is over.

I have kept all of your letters and your emails and the information from your phone calls. I plan to use much of it in the days ahead.

The Primary here in Georgia is July 15th. That is not long. Please pray that I will be victorious and that I will not have to go through a run-off, which would be an extra three weeks.

I have a copy of my article: "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services" on my website. Please go to  if want to read it or forward it on to others.

I am also trying to find someone in every State who will be willing to help anyone who has been confronted by CPS/DFCS without cause.

My assistant, Jody Thompson and I pray for you daily and have deep concerns for you and your children. My campaign will be over soon and I will immediately return to the projects and legislation needed to improve the lives of parents and children.

God bless you.

Most sincerely,

Senator Nancy Schaefer

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We have scheduled the new video to be done on May 24th, a Saturday
starting at 11:00 AM. We know there are those of you who can not
personally attend this taping due to your location or other
circumstances, however several of you do already have either a video
prepared or will have one to be a part of this video. We ask that those
of you who do already have a video prepared send it to us now to:

Senator Nancy Schaefer
P O Box 294
Turnerville, Georgia 30580
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Important Information for ALL Georgia Families
Become a Participant

There is an extremely brave woman, being Senator Nancy Schaefer from the great State of Georgia, that has taken the initiative to introduce legislation into the State of Georgia to curb the abuses of the Child Custody DCF employees and adoption process for money  remembering this is happening in every State, county, city and town in America.  The judges are not independent but are all bound for performance for money.  This is travesty of the greatest level as parents go into the court rooms thinking that the truth is relevant, but all of the time every party in the courtroom have contracts to perform for money called "cooperative agreements" included the judges, state AG, DCF, Guardian Ad Litems, etc. - it rigged from the beginning to the end.
This is the first Senator that I know of that has really stepped out to curb these sexual and physical abuses that are inflicted upon Children, and not to mention the quota system that is used for MONEY with penalties (YMCA up to 10% of a 125 Million/year Contract - Florida) for not meeting these quotas.  I have attached an excerpt from the Florida in support of this as an Offer of Proof directly from the YMCA Contract that hides behind the "program" of Safe Children Coalition.

Learn More: See Attachments OR Become an Active Participant

Excerpt of "quotas" for children for Money from Florida YMCA - it is everywhere if you know where to look.
Bill Text in a pdf.  OR
You can go to this Internet location to read the bill for your self and it is Senate Bill 415.
Please Read More:
In memory of all of the Children that the DCF people taken care of that these Children are now ALL current DEAD.  Click on "In Memory."
For another site See

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Become an Active Participant
Individual emails ~~ Group emails

Now is the time to start e-mails and phone calls, ALWAYS POLITE but forceful,  to the Senators in the Judiciary Committee in the State of Georgia to pass this Bill out of Committee as we the People of America are watching.  Please put it into your words that you want these abuses stopped and that you support the legislation by Senator Nancy Schaefer.

Help is needed all over America as the Children cry out for us to not let even one Child be Abused physically or sexually, or separated from their parents unnecessarily for MONEY quotas.   The family and Children are the core of our society and to stand idly by and do nothing is not acceptable.
Please e-mail some or all of the Judiciary Senators and ask them to pass SB 415 out of Committee.
Individual Judiciary Committee members in the State of Georgia.
Senator Preston Smith
Judiciary Chairman
Phone:  404-656-0034
Fax:      404-463-4161
Senator Seth Harp
Judiciary Vice Chairman
Phone:  404-463-3931
Fax:      404-651-6767
Senator Bill Hamrick
Judiciary Secretary
Phone:  404-656-0036
Fax:      404-651-6767
Senator David Adelman
Phone:   404-463-1376
Fax:       404-651-7078
Senator Robert Brown
Phone:   404-656-5035
Fax:       404-463-2071
Senator Joseph Carter
Phone:  404-651-7738
Fax:      404-651-5795
Senator Bill Cowsert
Phone:   404-463-1366
Fax:       404-657-0797
Senator Vincent Fort
Phone: 404-768-8406
Fax:     404-657-7266

Senator Judson Hill
Phone:  404-656-0150
Fax:      404-463-2535
Senator Michael Meyer Von Bremen
Phone: 404-656-0037
Fax:     404-657-9887
Senator Kasim Reed
Phone:  404-463-1379
Fax:      404-657-9728
Senator Mitch Seabaugh
Phone:  404-656-6446
Fax:      404-651-6768
Senator John Wiles
Phone:  404-657-0406
Fax:      404-657-0459

Group Judiciary Committee Senate members in that format.

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A Nation in Crisis

Posted: September 1, 2003
Nancee Crowell, CA State Director of NFPCAR - responds to an article written by Craig Schneider with the AJC in Atlanta, expressing her outrage at the treatment of parents by Child Protection Agencies.

Dear Mr. Schneider,

Georgia Child Protective Services is not unique in its handling of child protection issues. It is a national tragedy as untrained, uneducated "wanna be" social caseworkers strive to line their pockets and budgets with huge amounts of federal funding.

The majority of these workers are poorly trained and/or grossly uneducated in the proper ways of handling a situation. They drag their feet when a suspected abuse is reported. They find excuse after excuse to ignore the report or not take their responsibility to make their required monthly visits to the foster children already in the system. Then they make up words to document their inaccurate case reports in order to cover their backside if they are ever called to account. (See Our Concerns from Foster Parent Reform)

Families Targeted

They target and attack unsuspecting good families and spend their time uselessly on cases that should never come to the front. And then they scream and moan and groan that they are understaffed and/or overworked. Their main answer to everything is to "give them more money" so they can do their job.

Caseworkers receive only a minimal 6-weeks of training before they are thrown into the pit to ruin people's lives.

And it is "us" the unsuspecting taxpayer who foots the ultimate bill. Well, I submit to you that it isn't "more money" that is needed...It's accountability and the inability to hide behind the doors of "confidentiality" and "immunity". Until that happens this system will continue to run amuck and ride roughshod over honest, unsuspecting American families.

McCarthy Act of 1974

It used to be that they targeted only poor families and took their children and adopted them out but since the McCarthy Act of 1974 the work of Child Protection workers has taken them to new heights. They now target anyone who can line their pockets with the almighty "gold coin", as each case they involve themselves in brings in [additional] federal funds. [More info]

By their own admission in a documentary that was produced and aired by PBS television earlier this year, caseworkers receive only a minimal 6-weeks of training before they are thrown into the pit to ruin people's lives. The majority of this training is in useless, time-consuming paperwork...not in how to deal effectively and honestly with families who need help.

By their own admission these newly educated workers come into this job with only the book learning that they have received in school and absolutely no "hands-on" practical experience, and that is only if they have a higher education than high school.

They come into this job with unrealistic dreams and ideas and often leave the profession early on with broken dreams and totally disillusioned. It is not to say that there are not "good" social workers out there that are truly dedicated to helping those children in need, but too often their efforts are thwarted by this corrupt, inefficient system and they are either forced to "shut up" and follow the program or they are forced to leave the system, broken and disillusioned.

To the average everyday person it appears that Child Protective Services is "doing its job" but nothing is further from the truth. Nationally children continue to die. Nationally families are targeted and destroyed.

Nationally people who care about these children are targeted and drug through the mud...names and reputations and incomes lost...families torn apart and totally devastated. They are ruined professionally, personally and financially. And why does this happen?, you may ask.

It's all because these people dare to stand up and "fight" for what they know is right. I know this to be true because we were one of the thousands upon thousands of American families who were targeted by unscrupulous Child Protection workers and ruined professionally, personally and financially by their dishonesty, unaccountability and lies..

This is all done in "the best interest of the child" so these caseworkers and supervisors say! But to those who have faced firsthand the criminal injustices of the Child Protective System these horrors remain forever embedded in their memory.

It used to be that CPS targeted the biological family but over these past three decades the injustices and cruelty has extended itself to relative caretakers, grandparents, foster parents and adoptive parents.

It is all done for the sake of the "almighty dollar", as CPS receives federal funds for every child that is held in the foster care system. It is reported that agencies receive from between $2000 to $6000 per child/per month for holding these children captive.

False Allegations

Not only that, they receive funds every time they remove a child on an "emergency basis". In these instances they make the claim that the child(ren) is in "eminent danger," which is usually not the case. What is happening is that these workers see an easy way to make a buck and they waste their time chasing ridiculous stories and fabricating allegations to cover their backsides.

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