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The author was 6 when he saw his impoverished single mother lose the tenuous hold she had on sanity, slitting her wrists and then writing his name in blood on the walls of their shabby apartment.

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National Foster Parent Coalition for Allegation Reform (NFPCAR)
Currently looking for Directors in Many States.
Directors must be willing to act on behalf of foster parents
assisting when needed, and attending foster parents meetings.
At a time when so many children are neglected and abused, it's comforting to know there are foster and adoptive parents who are willing to make a difference in these children's lives, while these same children in an attempt to protect themselves, begin the process that often ends in the system causing irreparable damage to innocent families and children.


Foster Parent Bill of Rights
The following are the states which have enacted a Foster Parent Bill of Rights. WebPage part of NFPA

Alabama Arkansas California Georgia Illinois Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Missouri Mississippi New Mexico Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Tennessee Washington

False Allegations of Abuse a site  prepared and provided by Allen Cowling and Cowling Investigations, Inc., for educational purposes and was designed to assist anyone who is facing a false accusation, false allegation or false allegations of child abuse, sexual abuse, child molesting, incest, rape or who has been wrongfully convicted, because of a false allegation. None of the material provided in the individual links identified below, should ever be relied on as a replacement for qualified legal assistance under any circumstances.

ABUSE-EXCUSE.COM provides resource information and more to parents and others unjustly accused of child abuse, physical child abuse (including Shaken Baby Syndrome), child neglect, sexual child abuse, child pornography via the Internet, "repressed" memories, sexual harassment, or domestic violence (spousal abuse). We aim to help the falsely and wrongly accused to articulate scientific facts to child protection investigators, teachers, attorneys and judges, urging them to exercise caution in their "rush to judge" abuse calls. About 2/3 of all child abuse reports turn out to be unfounded, as errors or mistakes in professional judgment. Don't forget to check this page on Tips if You've Been Wrongly Accused of Child Abuse.
GovTrack is an independent website run by a graduate student in his spare time. Data is collected from the official government websites via automated processes daily. (read more about the site)

began on March 31, 1994. At 9:00 AM Pat Swanson from the LaSalle County Department of Children and Family Services and Sgt. Mike Crane of the LaSalle County Sheriff's Department came knocking on our door. Knowing that they were responding to an allegation and that I had nothing to hide, I let them in, figuring that if I told them my side of the story, they would believe me and let me go. Learn More...

Discussion Groups

Foster Parent Allegations
It is guaranteed that sooner or later a foster parent will have to deal with false allegations. Not until this happens to your family can you truly understand the devastation that occurs, not only to you but more importantly to the children in your home. It is through this list that we hope to provide support, but also to make changes in the way allegations are handled throughout the country.
For the Love of Children
This is a very active list for foster and adoptive parents.
Child Protection Reform
This is a place for people dedicated and passionate about reforming the harmful big industry that has become child welfare services / CPS / Child Protective Services...Foster parents, social workers, public and other professionals interested in helping to change the juvenile justice system laws are also welcome to join the group.
Suggested Reforms Foster Care
We are a coalition of groups concerned for the physical and emotional safety and well being of  children in foster care. Our groups represent many sides of the child welfare equation. We are former orphans, foster children, and adoptees. We are parents who have wrongfully lost their children temporarily, and we are foster parents as well.


Foster Parents United for Change
OHIO-We are dedicated to uniting and educating Foster Parents in Ohio in order to provide better care for Foster Children. We are also dedicated to the establishment of Foster Parents rights in Ohio and keeping good foster parents providing care for children.
Washington Family United
Our primary purpose is to help Washington families who have children "in state care" or at risk of being placed "in care".  By "in state care" we mean foster care, group homes, residential treatment, and kinship care.  Our child welfare system often does not serve families in the most efficient manner possible.

Foster Parent Legal Solution Plan

“None of us expects our house to burn down, and we cross our fingers we won’t be burglarized. While not expecting allegations of abuse to children to be made against them, it is vitally important that foster parents acknowledge the possibility.” — Gordon Evans, National Foster Parent Association

Add Your Favorite Site for the Our Most Valuable Resource, OUR FAMILIES

NOTICE: Please be advised that any Legislation or Policies provided to you as a courtesy may not reflect current revisions, amendments and/or changes in your states statutes and codes. You must go to your government website to check for and download those revisions and/or amendments yourself.
The unexpected can happen.
Protect yourself and your family with a
Foster Parent
Legal Solutions Plan
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