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Reform-Concern #7
~For the Love of Our Children~

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7. Establish a Law Enforcement task force to assist in Child Abuse investigations.

At the present time, CPS agents/social workers are not properly trained to conduct effective, unbiased, truthful investigations. It is imperative that an honest, objective and non-biased investigation be conducted in each and every case that CPS brings into existence.

Suggested Items for Reform

1. Children should not be interviewed or made to submit to a rape test without a person there that cares whether that be an older sibling, mother, father, grandparents, babysitter, whom ever but kids should not be left on their own at this traumatic time!  I do understand why they want to question separate from the parents or suspected abuser, but that is no call for not allowing a child to have others present that can support them and that they trust.

2. Kids should have the right not to talk, they should not be coddled, pushed or goaded into saying stuff they don't' mean.

3. Social workers should not be allowed to transport children alone.  Professional transporters or parents/foster parents should be used to and from visits and all doc/counseling appointments so that social workers are not coaching or pumping the kids for info in order to make accusations.  I find the most innocent comments from kids can just set a social worker off.

4.  If someone is found innocent of wrong doing in a criminal court it should not be allowed to be considered in family court as having happened.  We really need to hold family court to the same standard as criminal court namely "beyond a reasonable doubt".

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