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Reform-Concern #5
~For the Love of Our Children~

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5. Social Workers MUST be required to disclose to the accepting foster caregiver family  “ALL” information on the child being placed with them.

In far too many cases children with questionable backgrounds (i.e. fire starters, sexually active, etc.) are placed in foster homes where the family has no idea of the child’s dangerous background. This places the foster caregivers and their family in “imminent danger” with no recourse to protect themselves or their own children.

 All too often, this results in the Social worker charging the foster caregivers with things like “failure to protect” (their own biological children) or “neglect” and then proceed to fabricate more “false allegations” in an effort to remove the offending child and take more children into the system for hefty Federal reimbursement. It’s a known fact that EVERY time a child is removed from a home the agency involved receives a reimbursement from the Federal government. These reimbursements range in numbers from $2000 to $6000 per child/per month depending upon if the child has been classified as “normal” or “special needs”.

 Our Legislators need to make legislation that requires social workers to “reveal ALL relevant information” to the accepting foster caregivers and give them the opportunity to refuse the placement without retaliation from the agency. It is imperative that a more comprehensive information system between the social workers and the foster parents be established. The “Privacy Act” should not include the person who is taking the risk in bringing this child into their homes, exposing their own children to the outside worlds influence. Medical information vital to the care of the child should be brought to the attention of the caregivers at the beginning of the placement.

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