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Reform-Concern #4
~For the Love of Our Children~

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4. Social Workers already in the system and working in this field should be REQUIRED to undergo mandatory psychological reviews on a regular basis.

Stress of this job often tends to cause them to become insensitive, cynical and abusive in the actions and decisions they must make. All too often they become insensitive to the children in their care and the foster caregivers who work with them to provide loving, positive care for the children placed with them.

 Please, don’t get me wrong. There are some very good social worker’s in the system that truly care and do their job as is required. Unfortunately, these good ones, either end up quitting, retiring early or moving into another field of social work.

 However, there are far too many others that are on the other side of the fence and are unstable or inexperienced enough to not be able to handle a case objectively or properly and without bias. It should also be mandated that these social workers be required to take on-going classes each year (meeting a specific number of units) in order to maintain their SW credential or license.

 These classes should be in things like keeping abreast of the “new” techniques and laws that change frequently in handling and dealing with people and children’s problematic behaviors; Child trauma; Recognizing and dealing with the variety of child personalities such as ADHD, ODD, BiPolar, etc;

 Offering appropriate services to families who ask for help without removing the children and breaking up a family; Recognizing “true” abuse and dealing with it; Proper guidance and assistance to the foster caregivers who are their “partners” in this scenario of child protection; Classes in how to recognize the “truth” when it’s told; and compassionate handling of cases they are assigned. They also need on-going training in responsibility” and following agency rules of proper and timely visitations to the foster children in their case loads.

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