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Reform-Concern #3
~For the Love of Our Children~

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3. Many new social workers entering the system in this day and age are young or inexperienced, and have no compassion for searching for the truth.

They have only their “book learning” knowledge (some don’t even have this as they only have a high school education) and those freshly out of college have NO “hands-on” experience. They are solely concerned with “making a “name” for themselves and moving up in the ranks to higher, more lucrative positions.

 New social workers entering the system in this field of work should be “REQUIRED” to go through a fifth year which includes a minimum of 6 months working as “paid” assistant social workers in the office AND a 6 month training period as an actual foster parent (sort of like a teacher must undergo “student teaching” or a doctor must undergo a “residency”) requiring them to have “hands on” experience as a “foster caregiver”. This will enable these new (young) workers the opportunity to be able to relate first hand experience to the problems that foster caregivers face on a daily basis.

Without this first hand knowledge a social worker is not able to look at a case with sympathy and compassion and will charge blindly “head-on” into a case quite possibly handling it with inefficiency resulting in a disastrous outcome.

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