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~For the Love of Our Children~

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2. Social Workers waste no time in placing the foster caregiver’s name on the State Child Abuse Registry...WITHOUT ANY PROOF of wrongdoing...WITHOUT A TRIAL in a court of law...WITHOUT any “due process” at all.

This State Central Index is the SAME registry that CONVICTED child molesters and sex offenders are placed on.

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Also, the children in the system have been placed on the index as *victims* but are not notified of this in order to get their names removed when they are of age.

CPS should not be able to place names on the child abuse index without the benefit of a criminal conviction.

Once placed on this Abuse Registry it is virtually “impossible” to get your name removed.  The case is handled by Administrative Law which has “NO” boundaries and makes its “own” law as it goes along…case by case.

 A Foster Parents Story

In our case, my name was placed on the State Registry the very next day after our foster daughter was taken (resulting in the loss of my teaching job after over forty years in the classroom). When I fought to have her returned the State, they  proceeded to fabricate a multitude of “false allegations” to keep her from returning to our home.

Prior to being notified of the findings, with no chance to appeal the findings I was placed on the CACI. I was accused, convicted and sentenced to life, not in a court of law but by CPS, with no way of clearing my name. No criminal charges were files against me and the Sheriff's dept/DA closed the case against me.

 Our daughter begged to be returned to our home. She told them over and over that “nothing” happened while living in our home and that we NEVER “abused” her in any way, but the social workers and psychologists told her that she was lying and was in denial and they would never return her home to us. We were in the process of adopting her one week away from the final adoption and she NEVER did find a “forever” home. Mind you, our daughter was 13 by the time this all began and she aged out of the system at the age of eighteen.

 After leaving our home our foster daughter was bounced around in six different foster homes (we had her for five years) and one month prior to her turning eighteen she was put up for adoption on the Internet. We applied but were never even considered. A family did come forward to adopt her but she declined the adoption and told the social workers that she was coming back home to us the only mom and dad and home that she had ever known. She did just that and we now have a beautiful one year old granddaughter (and a grandson on the way).

 At this age (and even with older teens) the children involved should be able to have a say in where they want to live “IF” their biological parents rights have been terminated and they have found a particular home where they have felt comfortable, loved, secure and they prefer to call their “family”.

 The way the law is now, only the social workers, psychologists, judges and other staff professionals are the ones to make these decisions. They use their influence to coerce these teens into submission and acceptance of their decisions and, in many cases; these are NOT in the “best interest of the child”. These teens have NOTHING to say in where they want to live or stay and they should have this option.

Comments Child Abuse Central Index

Unfortunately, placing a name on the State Child Abuse Central Index is all done “solely on the word” of the social worker WITHOUT a formal and proper investigation, and many times, it is based on "LIES" fabricated by the social worker. The foster caregiver finds themselves "accused, tried, condemned" and convicted WITHOUT any way to defend themselves.

 This State Central Index is the SAME registry that CONVICTED child molesters and sex offenders are placed on. They at least have had the right of having a "trial" before their name is placed there. Foster parents do NOT have this right. When this happens many foster parents find themselves financially inept to defend themselves and they not only lose their "dignity" and "good reputations", but they also LOSE THEIR JOBS or PROFESSIONS, which in many cases, causes them undue hardships such as losing their homes, filing bankruptcy, and losing their life savings. Often, the undue stress causes many stress related "health" problems and sometimes ending in death.

 THIS PRACTICE OF PLACING A NAME ON THE CHILD ABUSE REGISTRY, WITHOUT "PROOF", MUST BE ”STOPPED"…And the names of those hundreds of foster parents who have been placed there “ILLEGALLY” and WITHOUT PROOF OR A TRIAL…MUST BE REMOVED as soon as possible. Especially “IF” they have NOT had the benefit of a “trial by jury” or have never been “PROVEN” guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. _The Central Child Abuse Registry is unconstitutional_ (placing foster parents on this without the benefit of a trial and/or conviction is in direct conflict to the basic constitutional rights of our citizens.

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