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GranPa Chuck
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Foster Care Reform is comprised of the most important aspect of being a foster parent.  The Foster Care Reform Web Site was put together by current and former foster parents who care about other foster parents and their children in foster care.  Many Concerns also effect All Families. The reason for Foster Care Reform is to bring Constitutional, fair and lawful practices into use for foster parents accused of abusing their foster children.

1. Foster Care Reform is to help other foster parents who are not aware of the Dangerous Truth

2. Foster Parents need to know why other foster parents want to help them, so their lives and their children’s lives are not ruined.

3. Foster Parents need to know why there is a Foster Care Reform movement, nationwide, consisting of 200,000 foster parents

4. Foster Parents need to understand why 70,000+ foster parents are leaving and/or have already left foster care

5. Foster Care Reform does not mean getting rid of foster care.  Foster Care is necessary for the well-being of children.

God Bless, GranPa Chuck

2. Our Story by GranPa Chuck-Foster Parent for 10 years & today GranPa to a 3 Generation Family


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