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Note: When we started this site, our ideas were primarily from Foster Parents, who were falsely accused. However, as time progressed, we started communicating with Natural Parents, Adoptive Parents, Grand Parents, Social Workers, you name it. We all came to the same conclusion. Our dependence on the Government just isn't working. And this is saying it lightly. So as one reads, you will see examples of Foster Parent experiences. But many of these experiences could be for anyone who raises and/or cares for our children.
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Reform For Our Families

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The Reason for Reform

 Foster Care Reform is comprised of the most important aspect of being a foster parent.  Foster Care Reform is put together by current and former foster parents who care about other foster parents and their children in foster care.  The reason for Foster Care Reform is to bring Constitutional, fair and lawful practices into use for foster parents accused of abusing their foster children.

1. Foster Care Reform is to help other foster parents who are not aware of the Dangerous Truth

2. Foster Parents need to know why other foster parents want to help them, so their lives and their children’s lives are not ruined.

3. Foster Parents need to know why there is a Foster Care Reform movement, nationwide, consisting of 200,000 foster parents

4. Foster Parents need to understand why 70,000+ foster parents are leaving and/or have already left foster care

5. Foster Care Reform does not mean getting rid of foster care.  Foster Care is necessary for the well-being of children.


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Foster Care Reform may prevent a foster parent from being put into jail or the State’s Central Registry from false (untrue) allegations. Additionally, Foster Care Reform would provide foster parents with “civil rights” with regard to the children in their care.  Foster Care Reform addresses the lack of basic civil rights of the foster parents in many areas.

1. Are you in the process of being accused and need help?  There is help and support available.  You are not the only one.

2. Go to some websites to learn more.  Read websites by attorneys, professionals and others who know the truth.


Find Out More...
Why Does It Happen?      


Websites To Help Understand the “why”




* http://www.abuse-excuse.com



Help With Accusations/Allegations


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What It Means For Foster Parents

Foster Parents are Wonderful People

Are you like the rest of most foster parents?  Foster parents dedicate themselves and their lives to helping children desperately in need.  Foster parents are wonderful people with big hearts.  Foster parents are immensely-giving and caring people who hold and live by exceptionally high values.  As such, most foster parents feel that:

1. There could never be an allegation against themselves -- let alone a false one, and

2. If something did come up with an accusation of child abuse, it could be straightened out
with the simple truth and its proof.

The Dangerous Truth 
What Really Happens to 99.9 % of All Foster Parents
There is the Dangerous Truth of foster parenting that needs to be known –
Please take notice.  All foster parents need to know:

1. It is not a matter of “if” but “when” foster parents face child abuse allegations.  CPS admits this fact in foster parent training.

2. This means a foster parent will be accused of child abuse.

a. Child abuse is against the law and a person is criminally prosecuted and can be put in jail for the offense.

b. The first accusations of child abuse usually occur within the first year of foster parenting

c. Child abuse accusations are rarely put forth by the biological parents or relatives of the children in care.

d. Child abuse accusations are usually of “sexual molestation” and “neglect.”  Both are legal terms in criminal charges.

3. Do not be deluded into thinking (as many foster parents are told) that working through an agency will protect you.

a. Agencies will not back up those considered even possibly to be a child abuser.

b. Agencies work with and for CPS.  It is CPS that follows through with allegations – it is their purpose.

c. Your agency will help CPS prosecute you for child abuse.


Unfortunately, There’s More...


The Results of Child Abuse Allegation


1. An accusation/allegation of child abuse results in the removal of children from your home – and, into the System.

a. Foster parents have no rights to children in the System and 99.9 % do not get them back.

b. Foster parents who are adopting foster children have no rights to children in the System, and do not get them back. (For More Information See Concern #1)

c. Foster parents have no rights for visitation or communication with their former foster children in the System.

d. Foster parents have no right to be heard in court with regard to their former foster children now back in the System.

2. An accusation/allegation of child abuse results in a foster parent being placed on the State Central Registry.
(For More Information See Concern #2)

a. A foster parent, no matter what, will be placed on the State Central Registry as a first step.

b. This is the same Registry used to keep track of convicted child sexual molesters.

c. One is never removed from the Registry – even if found innocent through the appeal process.  It is a permanent record.

d. Being on the State Central Registry (of child abusers) results in possibly getting fired and inability to obtain a job.

e. Being placed on the State Central Registry means your license as a foster parent is revoked.

f. Being placed on the State Central Registry means you are not able to hold any caregiver job – even if you are a nurse.

3. Your good reputation is ruined with children being taken away and put back into the system because of a false accusation of child abuse.

a. Family and friends will be interrogated about your being an abuser.

b. Criminal investigations and interrogations will take place with yourself and your children.

c. It is almost impossible to explain the complexities of being a falsely-accused foster parent to your family & friends.

d. You will be treated as though you are a criminal by the System and its personnel.


It must be emphasized – the above regarding the State Central Registry takes place

even if you are found innocent of any child abuse charges.  When you are accused of child abuse,

it is the normal procedure with the System to not take the chance that you are not a child abuser.

The result is you are treated as though you are a child abuser. 
This is even if you are proven innocent.
Check out the rest of Our Concerns for Foster Parent Reform (Learn More)


You May Be Asking

Why Does it Happen This Way? 

It Doesn’t Make Sense!






NOTICE: Please be advised that any Legislation or Policies provided to you as a courtesy may not reflect current revisions, amendments and/or changes in your states statutes and codes. You must go to your government website to check for and download those revisions and/or amendments yourself.

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