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Baby Blues ~ Accused Falsely ~ Children See, Children Do ~ Hope's Boy

I think using existing You Tube videos is a good idea and a good way to confirm all the other info that we gather.  I learned when I was going to school to be a teacher that there are 7 distinct learning styles.  Some people learn best when watching, some learn best hearing, some learn best with music, some learn best with hands on, some learn best reading and I forget the other 2 but point is the more we can include on the site the better chance we have of helping someone just my opinion :)

Blessings, Misty

Baby Blues


Accused Falsely



Here is the link to order the DVD...The PROTECTORS.  The lady who made it is Penny Styles-McLean.  Her production company is called Small Potatoes Productions.
                    Small Potatoes Productions
                      951 352 4321 (office)


Hope's Boy on CBS Early Show

February 20, 2008 - 8:30 EST. Andrew Bridge talks about growing up in foster care, his triumph over adversity, and his book, Hope's Boy. ___



An Advertisement from NAPCAN, to help promote a child friendly Australia


  • Dr. Shirley Moore (CA): Court Corruption, Part 2


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