"Our organization is concerned with the problem of child abuse and neglect allegations which are made against foster and adoptive families throughout the country. We are the victims of the adoptive and foster care system. It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.
Won't you join us in our cause?"

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  1. Presentations by Foster Parents Legal Solutions

The following files are Power Point files that can be viewer with the use of the free PowerPoint Viewer 2007 available from Microsoft or the Adobe Reader available from Adobe..

Power Point Presentations
Created by
Marilyn Harrison
National NFPCAR Director & Owner Foster Parents Legal Solutions

FPLS-Administrative Law Presentation

FPLS-Allegations Presentation


FPLS-Foster Parents Presentation B.ppt

Baby Blues -ppt-Have your Social Worker try this

Standing in the Shadow of LAW!

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Future Reference: http://nfpcar.org/References/Power_Point/Baby_Blues_Orig.ppt