"Our organization is concerned with the problem of child abuse and neglect allegations which are made against foster and adoptive families throughout the country. We are the victims of the adoptive and foster care system. It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.
Won't you join us in our cause?"


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This is a listing of information for all. Also, since there are other Groups or Individuals who are maintaining lists by States and National, we will be giving those links. Just click on Headings below:


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~Other Group References by States~

Information for All


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Other Group References

this is a dandy site that hasn't been updated in 1 years shared this with the foster group  but this should be required reading for all of you just landing on planet hell with CPS . the things can be shared and make sure to tool around whole site even I go back to it a few times a year . pass it around to your other groups as well , happy reading !! it is also a great link when you are blogging or responding to the sheeple in papers Lifting the Veil Date Posted:08/21/09 (Originally presented to group Jul, 27, 2003 by



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