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An Organization Originated by Foster Parents Falsely Accused, but has Evolved to Include ALL PARENTS
 Falsely Accused by the Agencies, who were designated to Protect The Children

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Basics Steps to Lobbying ~ Example of a Petition to Get it on the Ballot



Basic Steps to Lobbying

An Idea Presented by a Group Member

We approach this whole thing about CPS issues differently here in AZ, NM, NV, and CA. those four states that we are currently lobbying in.

The way we do it is we follow the money; by that statement I mean you start at the top where the money begins to flow.

Find out first of all who is already in your corner.

  • Go to your government page

  •  Start punching in key words in your legislative side to locate bills that have passed into laws.

    • Key words like foster care, child abuse, foster parents, etc. you get the idea.

  • Then search those bills, find the names of those individuals who wrote and submitted those bills.

    • There will be names coming up OVER and OVER and OVER.

  • Write those names down.

  • Those are the names you need to target

    • They are already on your side and are very aware of the problems that you are facing.

    • These people are the ones who are the key to getting to the appropriation committee.

    • The people who furnish the MONEY to these idiots who spend the money on frivolous expenditures.

    • Like instead of reunification of families ripping the children out of the home without any effort to try to help the parents with the problem that brought CPS into the picture in the first place, & re-routing that money for other uses.

    • Tell these people you would like to form a _*CPS reform committee*_ and YOU WOULD BE HAPPY TO SERVE this committee by personally BRINGING cases before them to hear the biological side of the story, as well as foster parents to testify as to the REAL side of the story, so that they can hear for themselves what is going on with the money that they are appropriating to this government arm. Have packets of information ready to give each member of this committee to BACK UP WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    That is the only way to make them hear you.

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    Example of a Petition to Get it on the Ballot
    From the Innovative Ideas of Those in Oklahoma
    Presented by: Oklahoma Family Rights Coalition


    Let's all work together on this one.

    Attached is a copy of a ballot initiate petition we received from Clarence W. Cooper, II of OK.

    This is a great idea.  What we would like to see is an initiative like this started in each state.

    This is not difficult it just takes a little work ... or a lot of work.

    • First the people in each state will need to work together with one leader. Each state can choose the leader among themselves.

    • Next, you will need to contact your Secretary of State to find out the procedures in your state for pursuing a ballot initiative.. 

    There is usually a small to moderate fee involved in this, hopefully each state can pool funds to cover the fee.

    The attached petition from OK can be used as an example.

    Clarence Cooper is a valuable resource, his contact information is at the bottom of this email.

    If we start now we have a chance of getting our initiatives on the ballot in the next election.

    Any questions, call Clarence Cooper or Greg Smart.

    If we have NOT connected you with others in your state yet please send us an email with the two letter abbreviation of your state in the subject line and we will do so.


    Clarence W. Cooper, II
    President & Chairman
    Oklahoma Family Rights Coalition
    Phone: 405.253.5507
    E-mail: clcooper@...

    "You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics."  - Charles Bukowski

    Greg Smart
    No more Family InJustice
    Phone: (858) 568-5576
    Email: cpsvictim@...

    Download Ballot Initiative: PDF File
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