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We currently recommend that you obtain advice from a qualified lawyer as soon as possible. Also, do not make any statements without a lawyer or witness present. If possible, record any conversation. Also, it doesn't hurt to become familiar with  the laws and policies in your state.
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 Knowledge is Power.
However, if you feel you can logically present your case without becoming too emotionally involved, then going "pro se" may be an alternative.
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Websites with sample motions and documents

This website is filled with all kinds of sample motions and other court documents along with valuable links for the pro se determined. Information has been collected from around the United States and parts of it may not apply to each state. Check with state rules when completing paperwork.  A must read.

http://www.caught.net/prose/prose.htm also http://www.caught.net/prose/advtt/hborg.htm

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If you don't know Your Rights, You have None.
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Self Help Sites ~ Recommended Documents for Your Library ~ Quick Start for Falsely Accused ~ State Statute Summaries for Family Issues

Just a Thought>> According to the National Inflation Association (NIA)  titled: "College Bubble Set to Burst in 2011" They made an interesting statement about lawyers: "The artificially high incomes of lawyers are made possible entirely by inflation, which steals the wealth from hard working goods producing middle-class Americans and transfers it to those who add no real value to society."


Self Help Sites
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Recommended  Documents for Your Library
There is really no "One" document that can be recommended since each one given below has a slightly different purpose. However, "knowledge is power" and the more you learn about our legal system, the more you will be able to Defend Yourself, with or without a Lawyer.
  • Sui Juris- THE TRUTH IN THE RECORD A Process for The People to Access the Courts.Sui Juris: of his own right; authority; possessing full social and civil rights; having capacity to manage one's own affairs. The Truth in the Record: Lawful Due Process. A court is a place to make a Public Record. A Plaintiff, a Defendant, a neutral judge to a jury decision, in all cases Constitutionally protected. (Note: The following is for "Educational Purposes Only". It is against Copyright Policies to sell this publication. Any infringment of this policy will be appropriately applied. This information was taken from http://familyrights.us/bin/sui_juris/ . A pdf file was created, for offline use, and nothing has been changed.)
  • Standing in the Shadow of Law  An instructional manual of preventative and protective measures to help protect against and prepare for legal actions against you as a Foster, Adoptive, or Biological Parent. A road map, if you will, for the legal maneuverings  and allegations brought toward you as a Parent and/or those children you have a protective/parenting obligation to. To know and protect your rights and, if necessary, to organize your own case in a professional manner should there be a legal encounter for either you or the children. See What others have said about "Standing in the Shadow of Law" Go Now 
  • Black's Law Dictionary (1st and 2nd Edition)- is the most widely used law dictionary in the United States. It was founded by Henry Campbell Black. It is the reference of choice for definitions in legal briefs and court opinions and has been cited as a secondary legal authority in many U.S. Supreme Court cases. The latest editions, including abridged and pocket versions, are useful starting points for the layman or student when faced with an unfamiliar legal word. (Note: For Historical Purposes, is a scanned copy of the 1st and 2nd edition of Black's Law Dictionary. The following is for "Educational Purposes Only". It is against Copyright Policies to sell this publication. Any infringment of this policy will be appropriately applied. This information was taken from http://blacks.worldfreemansociety.org/ . A pdf file was created, for offline use, and nothing has been changed. (Note: a very large file and will take a bit to download.
  • The Jurisdictionary Course-"Affordable 24-Hour Course Explains All ... Step-by-Step Simplifies Lawsuit Procedure, Evidence, and Tactics Have a Lawyer? ... Know What SHOULD Be Done Don't Have a Lawyer? ... Know What YOU Must Do Thousands Have Won with Our Step-by-Step Course You Will Learn How to Win ... In Just 24 Hours Created by an Attorney with 23 Years of Experience." (1)
Quick Start for those Falsely Accused 

Key Issues
Note: You may find, when searching on "single" criteria, 0 results may show up. A hint that perhaps many issues still haven't be addressed in many states?

Families & Children,
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