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We currently recommend that you obtain advice from a qualified lawyer as soon as possible. Also, do not make any statements without a lawyer or witness present. If possible, record any conversation. Also, it doesn't hurt to become familiar with  the laws and policies in your state.
 Knowledge is Power.

This is the home page for examples of forms. The development of these pages are in the very early stages of organization. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

 However, one may want to follow the links below to see a form index others have been working on. Since many of these forms are dated, it is recommended that you also check your state and county court links for the latest forms.

If you have any forms that you feel may help others, please send them directly to me, GranPa Chuck (Note: I will not use any example of a form with a personal name on the form for the website, unless written permission is given)

Please do your homework.

  • Look things up for you to use in your case.
  • Do your legal research.
  • Understand what a law means - use a law dictionary.
  • Write your term paper. Education is the key to success! Do your own work.

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