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Grand Parents Day

Celebrate Grandparents Day
Plus be part of a Multi-State Conference Call
Sep. 8th, 2013


Multi-State Conference Call
Organized by Grandparents Rights of North Carolina
Family Access-North Carolina will be providing bi-monthly calls with different guests speakers who will be of help to all of us during this difficult time in our lives as well as our children and grandchildren's lives. The next call will take place in November. If you are interested, please let me know.
Elaine Cobb

Who is Amanda? ~ Mission of AGA ~ Go to AGA-FL Website

The call is Sunday, September 8th at 8 PM EST with Amanda, President/Founder AGA (Alienated Grandparents Anonymous). Much to be learned in this call to help many of us who are suffering and who need this knowledge concerning alienation.

AGA, Inc. President/Founder

 How AGA was Formed

My professional career extended 30 years in the field of Education as a teacher, adjunct professor, and State Coordinator for a national organization for adolescent  girls.  My advanced degrees are in Education.   I have passionately devoted my life to thousands of children, guiding and inspiring them to reach for their best and achieve personal goals.

Never did I imagine that I would find myself to be a grandparent who would after years of bonding with my grandchildren be cut off. When I realized I alone could not fix a situation I did not cause, I reached out for help. I came to realize there was no avenue for people with this problem.

I did not want my grandchildren to think I would ever give up on them. Therefore, I decided to do something about this traumatic situation I was enduring 24/7, and form a support group. I needed to do something to try to fix this. I could not just give up.

On the day I decided to start my organization,  I was presented with an advertisement in a psychology magazine for Anne Killinger’s new book A Son is a Son Till He Gets a Wife…How Toxic Daughter’s –in-Law Destroy Families.   I thought I was the only person in the country going through this overwhelming emotional devastation until I read the title of this book. 

I decided to sit in on a local organization’s support group meeting just to learn what takes place.  

I then started making phone calls to different kinds of professionals I knew and respected, or had researched.  Every one of them said yes to me … they would become a Consultant!   I wanted to use the background and expertise of others who in any way could help me put the senseless pieces of this puzzle together.  We continue to do so.

Our Consultants met.  WE developed our Mission, our Goals,  and we gave us a name AGA  Grandparent Alienation.    GA now had a name.

Next I contacted clergy, attorneys, mental health professionals, authors, national experts on alienation PAS, etc.; and then  set up a calendar of Featured Guest Speakers.  AGA, Inc. uses this knowledge to share around the world.

Father John Ludden of  Saint John’s Evangelist Catholic Church in Naples, Florida was suggested to me by many. He welcomed us with open arms as a Ministry of his church.   I then arranged for an article to be written in our Newspaper.  On September 15, 2011 I was desperately hoping that perhaps three or four grandparents   would show up so I could talk sincerely with them.  Would I even dare to think that 10 people would come!  My Board of Directors all attended that first meeting, only later to tell me that they came to support me because they weren’t sure if anyone would attend. 

Not being familiar with the layout of the many areas of the church, as people came looking for their meeting rooms  I  remember thinking, “How am I going to direct them where to go?”   It took quite a while for me to realize that all of these over 50 people were coming to my meeting.  I was so moved by the sad energy I could sense in this room  that I could barely vocalize.  So very many sad stories were shared.  Our meeting was attended by a writer from the newspaper, and an amazing feature article was written about AGA. (Naples Daily News  January 5, 2012   Love Denied )

On October 2012 we received our 501c3 Non Profit from the IRS.  We are recognized by the State of Florida , Tallahassee  Articles of Corporation.  Since October 2012  AGA has expanded  with Strategic Alliances in 37 states and is represented in 6 countries. We are involved  with Grandparents Rights legislation in the State of Florida represented by Jim Karl, Esq  AGA, Inc. Board Member.

AGA, Inc. President/Founder

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 Mission of AGA

  • To educate the public about the growing problem of alienation of grandparents
  • To raise awareness nationally and internationally  of Grandparent Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • To provide Power Point Programs for educating communities about AGA
  • To offer support, understanding, and help validate the feelings of those dealing with the issues of alienation
  • To provide information,  strategies , and coping skills for grandparents
  • To work toward reunification and healing relationships between parents, grandparents, and grandchildren
  • To provide top qualified specialists to give the most updated information on the many dynamics of alienation
  • To bring awareness and educate the legal, mental health,  religious, and school  communities about  AGA
  • To study and provide research on grandparent  alienation
  • To collect, coordinate, and disseminate information on the importance of grandparents in grandchildren’s lives.
  • To study the global impact on the family
  • To explore the impact of alienation on the grandchildren
  • To manage and maintain a website which provides the most updated information on Grandparent Alienation
  • To help other communities establish a Strategic Alliance with AGA, Inc.
  • To seek grants to help achieve the Goals of AGA, Inc. 
  • To continue the Goals of AGA

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