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Development of Site

Marilyn & Egypt,

The two main concerns I have are:
       # Presentation, ie Power Point, PDF, and/or WebPage
        #Being able to meet items presented in this presentation

The information shown above is just a cut and paste from the Power Point Presentation (Just Page up to see). Presenting a webpage is perhaps the easiest for the user. However, creating a webpage directly from the Power Point presentation does have some Technical Challenges. However, as you know, I love challenges. But at this time, with my current knowledge, it may take a bit of time.

I currently can easily create a pdf file from the Power Point Presentation. Here is the link to this file: Crisis_1.pdf  Hopefully, the user will have the pdf reader installed.

As far as the Power Point Presentation. If, the user has it installed there should be no problem. However, in a crisis situation, would this be the way to present this information? Here is the link to that: intervention_1.ppt

At any rate, this will be the main page for the presentations. Plus, I will have a link on the nfpcar.org Home Page. So all one has to remember is nfpcar.org and then will be directed to the Crisis Intervention Main Page. Or nfpcar.org/Crisis and be directed to this page.

Also, I think it might be a good idea to post the hours of assistance on this page.

Again I think it is a good idea. I've been a little under the weather with the pesky flu virus, but I am now over it and have made many batches of my See's Fudge and English Toffee.

GranPa Chuck

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