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In this and other questions in our current project,"Did You Know Series", we need to let the readers know that your Foster Families Examiner is not an attorney.  Therefore, can only offer you advice based on twelve years of experience in dealing in the Foster Care System, acting as an advocate for hundreds of foster parents.

Marilyn Harrison
National NFPCAR Director
Foster Parents Legal Solutions

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Foster Parents; Are you tired of discovering what you don't know the hard way?  Have you had allegations filed on you, and no one bothered to tell you this ""storm called allegations" was heading your way"? Trainings offered today for foster parents are often uninformative and simply do not prepare you for the reality you will face as a licensed foster parent. 

  • Ever see the "Gloss over approach"?  By this I mean when someone from the audience asks a question about a tough subject like allegations.  The workshop/class trainer cleverly avoids the answer, or ignores it all together. They act like it is not important enough to waste class time on. 

Well it is important to this examiner, if you asked it then it should be answered. You will always receive truth from your Foster Families Examiner. Every article is informative, honest, and to the point. I guarantee you will be pleased with the answers you receive from our Foster Parents; "Did you know" series.  When you become informed, then you can educate others.  Subscribe today........This way you will be notified when new articles are published. Spread the word there is a place to receive truthful answers to your questions.

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